Your project must succeed!

The environment: an opportunity for development

A study consultancy specialising in the environment, safety and land-use planning, ABV Environment provides creative, long-term and tailor-made solutions that take account of the regulatory, local, regional and federal obligations applicable to your project.

ABV Environment is an approved Soil Pollution/Soil Management Expert for the Brussels-Capital Region, Wallonia and Flanders, an approved Environmental Impact Assessment Expert/Coordinator for the same regions and an accredited Consultancy (formerly “consultancy assistance”). Our goal: “Your project must succeed!”


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We support you at every stage of your project:

  • Study stage
  • Field work
  • Impact assessments and permits
  • Construction, coordination and safety
  • Finalisation and launch of your project
  • Control of environmental aspects

Feasibility study

Do you have a residential, commercial, industrial or private development project?

Soil and water management

Does your business carry out an activity that poses a risk to the soil, or do you own a property where such activities have been carried out?

Permits, authorisations and environmental and safety assessments

We support you every step of the way until you obtain your permit.

Management system (QSE) and sustainable development

Because quality, safety and environment management is an essential and integral part of your business’s development strategy.

QSE outsourcing

Need an operations team that specialises in the environment?

Mobility & parking studies and noise & vibration management

Want to reduce your environmental impact?

Socio-economic studies and integrated permits

We optimise your project to help you obtain your integrated permits.


Because your project must be compliant and safe in order to prevent accidents.

Management of excavated soil and site coordination

Are you in need of experts for works coordination and soil management?

Climate change and impact

Take current climate constraints into account and become a driver of change!

Our latest projects:

News 04/2018 Boulevard Reyers. The VRT has commissioned ABV Environment to assess the quality of the soil for excavation. The project entails excavations up to 25 m deep with a volume of more than 230,000 m³. ABV’s work will involve optimising procedures for removing and re-using the excavated soil. 

ABV Environment is overseeing remediation works for the construction of the future Jonfosse swimming pool. The land was initially occupied by a gasworks, which caused the soil and groundwater to become polluted with hydrocarbons and cyanides. Project carried out by Moury-BPC. Architect Fabrice Rossi.

The Profondeville municipality has entrusted ABV Environment with conducting an orientation study on a heap of backfilled waste on the site of an old limestone quarry. This is a tricky project because the land is located in a Natura 2000 protected area. Studies were carried out at the end of June. 

The BEP has called on ABV Environment to carry out soil studies and oversee remediation works for the development of Trakk. ABV Environment has also been tasked with preparing the final assessment. The project architects are Level Studio, L’Atelier de l’Arbre d’Or, and RM Architecte. The project is being funded by the ERDF. For more information about Trakk, visit


They trust us

We worked with ABV Development when carrying out environmental studies on the site of a 6000-m2 office development at the approach to Namur train station. We’re confident that this project will inject both this access point to Namur and the wider district with a new dynamism.

Denis Noël
Technical Director

Whether it’s to keep track of our environmental permits, monitor our buildings’ soil conditions, carry out environmental audits or manage our ISO 14001 environmental certification, ABV Development is the ideal partner for Befimmo, as they combine all the expertise we need in one company!

Frédéric Tourné
Head of Environmental Management

In 2018, ABV carried out the EIA and prepared the planning permission application for the co-operative sugar factory in Seneffe. This project was complex and unique, as nothing of this kind had been developed in Belgium for 25 years. All the operations were completed on time and on budget and we really appreciated how pragmatic, responsive and thorough the ABV team were.

Benoît HAAG

A reliable company whose employees care about providing constructive solutions to our requirements. Above all, they really listen and as they’re genuine experts on the environment, their advice is always relevant and useful. They’re a very competent company with the trustworthiness needed to manage our legal obligations in respect of the environment.”

Catherine Goormaghtigh
Responsable environnement

We found ABV highly professional and reliable: they were attentive to our needs, providing valuable advice in view of our sector-specific obligations. They were proactive in their approach and were always close at hand during our dealings with the authorities, which helped ensure that our permit application was successful. In short, ABV were excellent partners in our project.

Marc Barmasse

The pragmatic approach and flexibility of the individual experts at ABV, combined with the multi-disciplinarity of the team, have made this company our partner of choice in permit applications for our various industrial activities since its very foundation. We now hope that the next decade will be equally rewarding and that in 2029, we’ll be back here celebrating the 20th anniversary of our trust-based relationship.

Kristof Nachtergaele
Business Unit Manager Treatment Centres & Trading

For 10 years, ABV has applied its experience to some very large industrial wasteland regeneration projects, which are either already finished or close to completion. It’s clear to us that the quality of their expertise and their working methods have played a major part in the success of these developments. So congratulations and good luck for the next 10 years… and the years after that!

Jean-Philippe Doutrelugne
Development Director

A property development company, Immolux SA has been relying on ABV Development for a number of years for its high-quality support in the area of remediation. Our collaboration involves both consultancy prior to real-estate transactions and remediation projects, followed up by a team of precise and efficient experts.

Responsable projets

Thanks to the accuracy of ABV’s advice regarding regulations, along with their professionalism and the availability of their various staff members, we were able to navigate every step of the process successfully. ABV Environment carried the project out within the specified deadlines and with great efficiency and know-how. It was a real pleasure to work with this dynamic and friendly team.

Michel Delhaye
Responsable Sécurité & Environnement, Conseiller en Prévention

w ABV is a trusted partner both for our large and small-scale environmental projects. ABV are committed, top-class scientific collaborators who stick rigorously to schedule. This helps create peace of mind and mutual trust, allowing us to bring our innovative projects to a successful conclusion and making it a real pleasure to do so.

Bjorn Hamal
Site Manager

A professional service that’s always tailored to each specific request and role. In other words, ABV have shown efficiency, responsiveness and excellent availability in the projects handled and are an easily-contactable and friendly team! They do their job well and in line with all expectations.

Pascal Delfosse
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